SSG Sahala’s history

Year 2008

SSG Sahala Oy was founded and the company started doing maintenance operations in Varkaus. The first maintenance contract was for the maintenance of the Högfors Sahala theft workshop. SSG Sahala acquired Karjalan Kunnossapito Oy (Joensuu) and Etelä-Savon Kunnossapito Oy (Mäntyharju) from Jyrki Sahala Oy and key persons of the company. The acquired companies were merged with SSG Sahala Oy. In the same year, (2008) SSG Sahala also acquired the share capital of Sammet Asennus Oy from Pertti Sammasmaa. The Sammet installation in Laukaa became a subsidiary of SSG.

Year 2009

SSG Sahala established a maintenance unit in Kuusankoski and negotiated a contract for maintenance work for Lahti Energia.

Year 2010

SSG’s subsidiary Sammet Asennus acquired the installation department of Högfors Steka Oy in Kouvola. Högfors Steka was known as a boiler supplier and the installation department gained strong experience in power boiler installation and maintenance.

Year 2014

SSG Sahala acquired Myllykoski Asennuspalvelu Oy (Kouvola Myllykoski) from the inheritance of Raimo Patjas. Myllykoski Installation Service became a subsidiary of SSG Sahala.

Year 2017

SSG Mill Service, a subsidiary of SSG Sahala, was established. SSG Mill Service acquired the business of Mek-Field Engineering in Varkaus.

Year 2018

Subsidiaries Sammet Asennus Oy, Myllykoski Asennuspalvelu Oy, SSG Mill Service were merged into SSG Sahala Oy.

Year 2019

SSG Sahala’s new subsidiary SSG Pajaservice acquired Pajaservice Oy’s business in Pirkkala from Kalevi Humpas and other key persons of the company.

Year 2020

SSG Sahala Oy acquired the heat exchanger business from Sahala Works Oy.

Year 2022

At the end of this year, SSG Pajaservice will be merged with the parent company SSG Sahala Oy.