SSG Sahala’s locations

SSG Sahala is located in seven different locations. The head office is located in Varkaus and the other offices are located in Joensuu, Mäntyharju, Kouvola, Myllykoski and Laukaa.

We do maintenance and installation work all over Finland and other Nordic countries.


SSG Sahala Varkaus

SSSG Varkaus specializes in industrial mechanical installations as well as maintenance, inspection, and project services. Our most important customers are the forest and steel industry, power plants, machine shops and equipment suppliers.


Our staff consists of 50 industrial services professionals. The staff include project managers, installation supervisors, foremen, machine and pipe installers, sheet metal welders and class welders.

Our main services include:

  • machine and equipment installations
  • process and steam pipeline installations
  • machine line transfers
  • maintenance of process and pressure equipment
  • re-piping of the heat exchangers
  • installation supervision services
  • project management services
  • maintenance of tools and. lifting aids

Varkaudessa Heat exchangers and other demanding pressure vessels are also manufactured in Varkaus

Heat exchangers

  • manufacture, thermotechnical dimensioning and design of heat exchangers
  • repair and maintenance of heat exchangers
  • spare parts for heat exchangers

Pressure equipment

  • manufacture and design of pressure equipment and pressure vessels
  • repairs of maintenance of pressure equipment

Spare parts for peeling drums and process drums

Workshop work

SSG Sahala Laukaa

Manufacture of pressure vessels


SSG Laukaa specializes in the manufacture of heat transfer and pressure equipment for power plants and the process industry, as well as installation, service and maintenance services.

Laukaa machine shop manufactures and renovates permits, economizers and pressure equipment. One of the special areas of our service is the re-piping of old heat exchangers either in our workshop or in the customer’s production facilities.

Our flexible operating method and appropriate range of machines and tools enable the repair and modernization of both small and heavy heat exchangers.

Our workshop capacity also strengthens our other service and maintenance services. Our manufacturing service also covers customer-specific machining work.

Projects and maintenance

Our project and maintenance services include the installation, annual maintenance and repair of power and recovery boilers as well as heat exchangers, permits, economizers, industrial dampers and process piping. Condition surveys of process equipment and support measures for periodic inspections of pressure equipment are also part of our maintenance service.

SSG Sahala Kouvola

SSG Kouvola has 27 employees. The unit’s office is located in Voikaa, on the premises of a former paper mill. The equipment we manufacture and maintain is used in hundreds of locations around the world.

Expertise of the unit:

  • Welding of pressure equipment and pipelines
  • Demanding welding work
  • On-site maintenance
  • Installation projects

SSG Sahala Mäntyharju

SSG Mäntyharju’s strengths are maintenance, machine and equipment maintenance, and machine and equipment construction. The unit currently has 8 permanent employees.

Work is carried out in the Mäntyharju area at the customer’s premises, and the company’s own workshop is utilized in all construction work. The largest customers for the Mäntyharju unit are Exel Composites Oyj and the gas and sawmill companies in the region.

The Mäntyharju unit also serves small customers locally, starting with private individuals.

    SSG Sahala Myllykoski

    In addition to maintenance, SSG Myllykoski specializes in the manufacture of steel structures, small pressure equipment and pipelines, as well as the measurement, alignment and balancing of structures and equipment.


    Our expertise and services cover:

    • maintenance and installation projects
    • manufacture of steel structures (eg maintenance levels, machine parts, plate and sheet metal structures)
    • manufacture of pressurized and other pipelines (eg steam and process pipelines)
    • manufacture and repair of pressure equipment
    • alignments (eg rollers, cylinders, drives, motors, gears and PTO shafts).
    • distance and shape measurements (eg structures and planes)
    • balancing of rotating components (eg rollers and fans).

    Our knowledgeable staff and extensive service concept guarantee that we are able to serve our customers with high-quality turnkey quality, whether it is equipment delivery or an extensive maintenance project. In every project, our goal is to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible for our customers.

    SSG Sahala Joensuu

    The strength of the modernized machine shop in Heinävaara is Machining Services, which is used to manufacture individual parts and prototypes. 

    The self-sufficient Joensuu unit cooperates with other SSG Sahala Oy units and helps others, e.g. design and machining services. The strengths of the Joensuu unit are in the CNC machining, mechanical design and automation of demanding parts.

    SSG Sahala Oulu

    In the spring of 2020, SSG Sahala Oy opened a new unit in Rusko, Oulu, to serve the mechanical maintenance needs of industrial companies in Northern Finland. The services of the Oulu unit include e.g. installation and maintenance of machinery and equipment and the manufacture and installation of steam and process piping.

    The new unit will humbly but ambitiously seek out and grow its customer base in the process, mining and energy technology sectors in Northern Finland and Kainuu, as well as gain a foothold in construction sites in northern Sweden.