10 good reasons to choose Pajaservice as a partner


We do things as agree

We have been working in the field for a long time and mostly with the same team. Our customers appreciate our familiar staff and our hard-working attitude. It is a matter of honor for us that the work is done as agreed and that our customers’ processes work without disturbances.


We keep the machines running

Strong professionalism is the main reason for our customers to choose SSG Pajaservice as their partner. In our capable hands, the machines will quickly and at once be in working condition. Anticipatory maintenance measures reduce surprises, keeping the customer’s machines in efficient production use.


You can get help quickly

Every customer is important to us. That’s why we react quickly and flexibly even to urgent needs. We stretch in critical situations to keep production interruptions as short as possible.


Our satisfied customers are our best recommenders

When it works, the partnership grows deep and long-lasting. Our customers appreciate our expertise and trust us. Our loyal and satisfied customers come from many different industries, telling us about the level of our service and expertise.


We will solve your problem comprehensively

We offer our customers a comprehensive set of services, from design and manufacturing to maintenance, service and repair. Our versatile experience from different industries gives us the skills to find the most effective solutions for special needs as well. When you get everything under one roof, the purchase is easy and the implementation is faster, as the construction of the machine can already start during the planning phase.


Machine like machine, we maintain and repair regardless of brand

We receive a lot of praise from our customers for the versatility of our expertise. Whatever the machine’s intended use or brand, we’ll fix it in no time and also keep it in working order. All this easily and cost-effectively from one and the same partner.


We have desire to learn new things

Our expertise and equipment knowledge is exceptionally broad, but every now and then we also come across machines that are unfamiliar to us. That’s not a problem for us, because SSG Pajaservice is full of eager to learn, curious and smart employees. We find out, we learn – and we take care of the machines.


Our network and supply chain are functional

Functional partner networks and reliable supply chains are prerequisites for fast and high-quality service in today’s world. At SSG Pajaservice, we have invested in this for a long time and have built a good support network around us. It is one of the secrets of our high customer satisfaction.


Once fixed and the machines started again

Our principle is that the work is always done with care. If, when opening the machine, we discover other than planned maintenance or repair needs, we will tell you immediately and present the best solution model for the customer’s production. In this way, we ensure good operational reliability of the machine in the future as well, and new visits will not be in vain.


We take good care of our property

In connection with machine transfers and transports, we always take care of insurance for customers’ devices in case of unpleasant surprises. Even our customers don’t always know how to demand this, although it is in everyone’s interest that the risks are taken into account – just in case.

What customers say

“Pajaservice stands out from its competitors with its comprehensive, brand-independent know-how. Whether it’s a machining, washing or welding machine, you can get help from them quickly and reliably.”

Maintenance manager Juho Rentula
Vexve Oy

“We value professionalism, punctuality and fast service. Pajaservice’s planning expertise has also been helpful to us. Cooperation is open and smooth.”

Production director Timo Helenius
Lojer Oy

“The whole package makes the difference. It’s important for us that the partner knows what he’s doing and stays within the agreed budget. When the machine fleet is under the care of one operator, operational reliability remains in place.”

Maintenance manager Yrjö Vähäsaari
Valmet Technologies