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Together, we form a strong entity and can offer customer-specific and comprehensive solutions for all industry needs. We are known as a strong and responsible partner. We are proud of our long history and professionalism. We always operate in a customer-oriented manner, and we are a cooperating partner.

SSG Sahala

SSG Sahala is a company specializing in industrial lifecycle services. Our services cover comprehensive maintenance, condition monitoring and extensive maintenance and installation projects. READ MORE

Sahala Hex

Sahala Hex delivers customer-specific, demanding heat exchanger solutions. In our heavy workshop, we manufacture high-quality pressure vessels and customer-specific workshop products. READ MORE

SSG Anywhere

24/7 online analysis measurements and automated prompts, productivity tools, big data, data analysis and a lot more. With you everywhere - anywhere. READ MORE

SSG Pajaservice

SSG Pajaservice's main area of activity is the maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment, as well as fault repairs. READ MORE

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Sahala HEX, SSG Sahala, Sahala Works, SSG Pajaservice and SSG Anywhere make up a
comprehensive global Sahala Service Package.


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